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Life and death by future

What's under the clouds? What's coming next? I don't know. Possibly life. Possibly death. Probably both! I've got some articles here for you on medical marvels, deadly weapons, theoretical extraterrestrials, electronic culture, and of course, robots. But first, some news!

Special thanks to Rodrigo Garzón for letting me use his awesome glitch of "The Keepers", by Nicholas Scarpinato.

Glitchet News

That's right, your favorite (and possibly only) free, weekly hodge-podge glitch art/scary future newsletter now has a Facebook page to give you even more content. Just because I love sharing cool stuff I find. Seriously though... I have a problem. If I put everything I find interesting on my personal social media, I think all of my friends would disown me. But that's why you and I work so well together.

Brief thoughts and feelings

  • Some of you have reached out with feedback and offers to help. Thank you! I will totally need help, and I will let you know when I do.
  • If you want me to feature some of your work here, send an email (you can also send an "ask" on Tumblr).
  • I'm trying to start sourcing longer, more in-depth articles. I hope you like them!


Here's an assorted bunch of stuff to warm us up.

Gus HolidaУ

I think this one is just awesome. Something emerges out of the vortex - is it the heart of the galaxy? Something's bumping waves through everything, but it's hard to see.

immortal infographics

The paths to immortality

Very cool set of infographics describing the various types of immortality we could achieve. The author, Maria Konovalenko, maintains a blog on stopping aging and immortality, so if you're really not ready to kick the bucket (or you hate that you even own a bucket), you should check it out.

point and it shoots for you

A New 'Smart Rifle' Decides When To Shoot And Rarely Misses

As the top comment on this article puts it, "The rifle doesn't make you a marksman, it just makes you an end user."

scary future

The Fermi Paradox

Oldie but a goodie. A detailed and haunting description of why there may or may not be aliens out there, and we will probably never meet them. Also, we're all probably going to go extinct.

robot accident

Investigation Launched After Robot Kills Worker at Volkswagen Plant

There are some truly awful puns to be made here, but I won't be the one to make them. (Because I already did, and I felt bad about it.)

Medical Marvels


The Pirates Will See You Now: Open Source Surgery Bot Built to Drive Down Medical Costs

Watch the video. The slow, articulate, precise motions controlled by nothing make it easy to imagine a robot like this working quietly and steadfastly on you.

alligator man?

Stem-cell Dental Implants Grow New Teeth Right In Your Mouth

Soon, the world's most technically correctly superhero: Alligator Regenerative Teeth Property Man.

coming to their senses

Deaf People Reactions When They Hear For The First Time

This is what technology is meant for. Fair warning - this is a tear jerker.

Robot Frenemies

love in all the wrong places

I tried to befriend chatbots, but they drove me crazy

Interesting thoughtpiece on the present and future of human-robot friendship.


NYSE, United glitches highlight precarious tech dependence

For a dramatic take on the glitch-propelled end of the (stock market) world as we know it, give this a read.

yes yes yes yes

Everything We Know About the Upcoming USA vs Japan Giant Robot Battley

Oh, no big deal. I've only been waiting for this MY ENTIRE LIFE

human roboto choreography

Inside Amazon's Warehouse, Human-Robot Symbiosis

Some very cool and beautiful GIFs in this one, alongside interesting discussion on what it's like to work with robots.

Electronic Culture

calvin and markov

Calvin and Markov: Algorithmically Composed Calvin and Hobbes Comics

This uses a Markov chain text generator to generate Calvin and Hobbes comics with surreal (and occasionally sublime) results.

how did i get here?

Weird Twitter: The Oral History

glitch? you mean when you cover bug bites in glue right? wait is that not a thing people do

ideological data terrorism

Team GhostShell hacktivists dump data from US universities and hundreds of sites

I'm all about lofty ideas, but it's a lot less compelling when it's my social security number getting leaked for your ideology.